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Thatchers Cider

For more than a hundred years the Thatcher family has been quietly perfecting the magic that turns apples into cider. Our ciders are borne of their surroundings. Myrtle Farm is as important to our cider as the apples themselves. Nestled at the foot of the Mendip Hills, the Thatchers orchards are our pride and joy. Every last little factor is taken care of including soil type, drainage and where they are planted, it’s like a five star hotel for apple trees. Our very special Exhibition Orchard is home to 458 different varieties of apples that John Thatcher has collected over many years for future generations.

We’ve over 500 acres of orchard now and these aren’t just home to apples. They provide a habitat for wildlife and lock up carbon.

Beehives in all of our orchards help with pollination at blossom time. It’s not just honey bees that make our orchards their home – we encourage bumblebees too with the planting of their favourite wildflowers. Alongside famous cider apples like Somerset Redstreak and Dabinett, and popular dessert apples like Katy, we’re also proud to grow 458 varieties of rare traditional apples in our exhibition orchard – we think it’s the largest collection of cider apple trees in England.


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