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Thames Water

Every day, Thames Water make sure 15 million people in the South of England have world-class water – for sipping, splashing and living life.

It’s no small task. We use our engineering know-how to deliver extraordinary amounts of water – around 18 billion litres a week, enough to fill 7,020 Olympic swimming pools. What’s more, our tap water is world-class, with more quality tests than any bottled water.

And, because our population’s growing by 100,000 people a year, we’re always planning ahead for the future to make sure everyone can continue to enjoy fresh, clean water.

This summer, we’re celebrating our tap water by bringing it to more places than ever before through the Thames Water Tap Bar.

Choosing tap water means we can drive down the millions of plastic bottles that end up as landfill or in our waterways, creating a better future for our region and our planet.




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