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Caring for horses is something that the RSPCA knows a great deal about with 928 rescued horses currently in their care. In 2017 nearly 1000 horses were rescued - all of this at a price of over £3m per year to care for these unfortunate animals.

But in their mission to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals in need, the stories of the horses who have been in RSPCA care and gone on to a life unrecognisable from the past continues to make the work worthwhile for everyone involved in equine care at RSPCA.

Roy #RSPCAchampion

Rescued from cruelty but now in a loving new home, Roy is on a winning streak with rosettes from the UK’s top shows. He has even been watched by The Queen as he competed at Royal Windsor.

Rescued in 2010, Roy was taken into RSPCA care with a large number of other ponies, after they were discovered severely suffering on a remote farm. Underweight, neglected and miserable, the ponies were rescued and rehabilitated over a number of months.

When he isn’t winning ribbons, Roy spends his time at home with fellow ponies Little, Jack and Beau.

RSPCA Chief Inspector Cathy Hyde, who heads up the RSPCA’s equine team, said: “I helped care for Roy when we rescued him. To watch his transformation was incredible, and to see him flourish in his new home is fantastic. He is a very special pony.”

The Countryfile Live Equine Arena, sponsored by RSPCA will host a daily Rescue Horse Show which will give visitors an insight in to the potential of all of the wonderful Equines in our care who deserve to become an #RSPCAchampion like Roy.




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