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The Countryfile Kitchen Theatre sponsored by Le Creuset

Do try this at home! Join a whole host of chefs and culinary experts as they expand your food horizons.

Join Brian Turner and his celebrity chef friends and food writers for a mouth-watering feast of new recipes to try and ingredients to taste. You’ll head home full of ideas and the   confidence to try something new.


Join Le Creuset at Countryfile Live to discover the versatility of their great cookware, taste new and delicious recipes and shop their high-performing collection in their pop-up shop. Offering a lifetime guarantee across its cookware ranges Le Creuset is a worthy investment, providing superior cooking results every time. Le Creuset…for a lifetime of delicious cooking.

Sponsored by

This world-leading cookware brand is renowned for their premium, stylish cookware and kitchen products and are excited to be the sponsor of The Countryfile Kitchen Theatre at BBC Countryfile Live.

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The Countryfile Kitchen Theatre sponsored by Le Creuset Timetable

  • Thursday 2nd August
  • Friday 3rd August
  • Saturday 4th August
  • Sunday 5th August
10:30-11:00 Brian Turner
11:15-11:45 Le Creuset
12:00-12:30 James Martin
12:45-13:15 Ed Baines
13:30-14:00 Rachel Green
14:15-14:45 Tim Maddams
15:00-15:30 Brian Turner
15:45-16:15 Tim Maddams
16:30-17:00 Rachel Green
10:30-11:00 Brian Turner
11:15-11:45 Will Torrent
12:00-12:30 Tony Singh
12:45-13:15 Ed Baines
13:30-14:00 Wl-Ashley Keen
14:15-14:45 Tony Singh & Will Torrent
15:00-15:30 Brian Turner
15:45-16:15 Le Creuset
16:30-17:00 Jose Souto
10:30-11:00 Brian Turner
11:15-11:45 Ed Baines
12:00-12:30 La Manoir Cookery School
12:45-13:15 Nigel Barden
13:30-14:00 Le Manoir Cookery School
14:15-14:45 Le Creuset
15:00-15:30 Nigel Barden
15:45-16:15 Jose Souto
16:30-17:00 Pipers Farm
10:30-11:00 Brian Turner
11:15-11:45 Ed Baines
12:00-12:30 Adam Bennett
12:45-13:15 Brian Turner
13:30-14:00 Simon Hulstone
14:15-14:45 Ruth Hansom
15:00-15:30 Le Creuset
15:45-16:15 Jose Souto

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