Follow the progress of these six little lambs from the Blenheim Farm flock on the new Countryfile Live ‘Lamb-Cam’.

We’ll be posting updates of their antics on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Over the next few months, you’ll be able to watch their individual personalities develop and witness key moments in their young lives ­– frolicking in the fields, snuggled asleep, being weighed, vaccinated and fed. And then… you’ll be able to come and meet them in the Passion for British Livestock area at Countryfile Live this August. How will you tell these lambs apart? They’ve each got a different coloured tag, chosen by a group of local school children who went to visit them recently with Adam Henson.

Caring for the Countryfile Live Lambs (amongst the 3000 other lambs expected this spring) is Charles, the shepherd at Blenheim’s working farm. If you’re curious or want to learn more lamb facts, send your questions on Facebook using the hashtag #askcharles. 

You can also join us for two LIVE Facebook sessions: in June you’ll be able to watch the lambs live and ask Charles your questions in realtime; and in July you can watch them being weighed. 

Share woolly moments on our Lamb-cam! Follow us on Twitter - @CountryfileLive Facebook - @bbccountryfilelive and Instagram - @bbccountryfilelive for updates on our Countryfile Live Lambs #cflivelambs

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