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Discover a passion for British livestock

Where do the meat, fish, dairy products, fruit and vegetables come from? And what journey does it take to get to our plates?


We think the story of British farming is so important, we’ve dedicated an entire space to it. In the ‘Passion for British Livestock’, you can find out more about traditional and modern farming methods and trace the journey of the food you eat every day to its source. We’ll be bringing some rare – as well as favourite – livestock to the show. Our Ask the Farmer initiative invites local farmers to educate and answer questions from our visitors.

Learn the story of British Farming. If you love animals, this is a must for families. Rare breeds will be among the herd at Adam Henson’s farm - perhaps you’ll recognise some of them from the programme!


We have milking demonstrations twice a day, Beef talks plus Sheep shearing and Sheep handling demonstrations. They'll be the chance to experience a livestock auction and to get up and close to the sheep, cattle, pigs, rabbits, horses, chickens and goats that we've got coming along.

Come and experience real life farming and hear directly from farmers themselves, including real life stories and interesting facts. We're sure you'll leave knowing something you didn't before you came!

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